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Oil and Vinegar
Agricola Doria

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Our products are born exclusively from the production of the company's olive trees, the first of which date back to fifty years ago, up to  the latest generation plants, all grown under organic farming. Many varieties of olives that allow us to create a wide range of labels, many of which are Monocultivar.

2 x "Lei" organic extra virgin olive oil 500ml

2 x "L' Altra" organic extra virgin olive oil 500ml

1 x "Sud" organic extra virgin olive oil 500ml

1 x "Otto" organic flavoured extra virgin olive oil 250ml

Lei: Medium-intense fruity. The oil has marked herbaceous notes on the nose, of tomato leaf, green olives, white cabbage and artichoke. On the palate there is a perfect match of the olfactory notes. Balanced bitter and spicy notes. For his profile balanced, it lends itself to multiple combinations. The distinctive aromatic notes are unique. Excellent persistence. Cultivar: Monocultivar Grossa di Cassano

L' Altra: Medium-intense fruity. The oil opens with fresh notes of almond and vegetables. On the palate, the bitter vegetal notes of agretti, aubergines, radishes and spicy black pepper stand out. Overall it is a structured oil, bitter and medium spicy. Persistent. Cultivar: Monocultivar Roggianella

Sud: Medium-intense fruity. The oil has citrus notes, olive leaf, artichoke, black pepper and a delicate and unusual hint of lavender on the nose. On the palate it releases its intensity, with a full but dry body, in the bitter hints of wild rocket, artichoke leaf and chicory and in the spicy ones of black pepper. The distinctive aromatic notes are elegant. Long persistence. 
Cultivar: Blend of Roggianella 33%, Nocellara del Belice 33% and Coratina 33%

Otto: A wonderful condiment born from the simultaneous milling of Nocellara Messinese olives and bergamot fruits, with an intense aroma and color that bring to mind the flavors of Calabria.

olio-e-condimento-bio-6-bottles-box-agricola-doria-italy olio-e-condimento-bio-6-bottles-box-agricola-doria-italy olio-e-condimento-bio-6-bottles-box-agricola-doria-italy olio-e-condimento-bio-6-bottles-box-agricola-doria-italy
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