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The artisanal spirulina of Spirul'in Alpes
With a very mild taste, you can use these flakes as a condiment on your salads, a guacamole, a hummus or in all your dishes, but always after cooking, in order to preserve a maximum of vitamins. You will also be able to incorporate it into your sweet recipes. Cottage cheese, a few dried fruits, a teaspoon of spirulina and a bit of jam to sweeten it all up. This is an idea for breakfast that we particularly like.

Our boxes are 100g, this represents a month of consumption for daily use (one teaspoon per day). We produce an artisanal spirulina at the foot of the Alps in Haute-Savoie. Our Spirulina is healthy: It is dried at low temperature. It does not contain GMOs, pesticides or insecticides. Its water consumption is low and our boxes are refillable and recyclable.

Spirulina: "best food source of the future" according to the UN (1974).

1 x box of artisanal spirulina in flakes (100g)

1 x refill of artisanal spirulina in flakes (200g) 

100% Paper bag (no plastic or aluminum), keep away from light.

Whatever the season, it's always welcome to give your immune system  a little boost ! Spirulina, this micro-organism from the cyanobacteria family, is THE ideal food supplement in case of fatigue or stress . Rich in nutrients , spirulina promotes the reduction of "bad cholesterol" and the increase of "good cholesterol". Some studies give it a hypoglycemic virtue. Its undeniable protein content makes it your ally in case of anemia . 

Here are the main contributions of spirulina: 70% protein, antioxidants, phycocyanin , chlorophyll , beta-carotene, highly assimilable iron, 7 vitamins (A/B1/B2/B3/B9/E/K), Minerals and trace elements.Spirulina tablets without any binders or adjuvants.

Allergens: None
Packaging: In metal box, refillable and recyclable
Shelf life: 2 years
Ingredients: 100% Spirulina
Colorants or flavourings: None
Origin: Haute-Savoie, France

flakes-of-spirulina-from-the-alps-300g-2-products-box-spirul-in-alpes-france flakes-of-spirulina-from-the-alps-300g-2-products-box-spirul-in-alpes-france
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