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Preserves and Sauces

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2 x organic risotto with dehydrated nettles 250g

2 x organic risotto with dehydrated tomato & basil 250g

2 x organic spelt soup, black cabbage and curly kale 250g

2 x organic dehydrated tomatoes 30g

Risotto with nettle: One of the most sought-after risottos of the Italian culinary tradition. The nettle, rich and tasty as if it were freshly picked, makes the risotto very tasty with an intense fragrance. Risotto ready to use. Without salt, without preservatives, without additives. Nettle is a plant rich in trace elements and remineralizing properties, considered particularly useful in case of anemia and iron deficiency. Ingredients: Italian organic rice, Italian organic nettle. Recommended for three people. Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g: Energy 344 calories, Fat 0.7 g of which saturated 0.1 g, Carbs 69.9g of which sugars 0.9 g, Fiber 1.9g, Protein 9 g, Salt 0.00 g

Risotto with tomato & basil: The tomato ripened under the hot sun, selected by hand, combined with the scent of basil. Risotto ready to use. Without salt, without preservatives, without additives. Ideal for a simple dinner full of Italian flavours. Ingredients: organic Carnaroli rice, organic dehydrated tomato, organic dehydrated basil. Recommended for three people.

Spelt soup: If you are a lover of spelled soups and are looking for something healthy, nutritious and unique in its kind, we offer you a perfect mix of well-being ...  monocco spelled and organic cabbage , perfect allies for health. Recommended for 3 people, ready to use.Ingredients: dehydrated organic pumpkin, dehydrated organic curly kale, organic dehydrated Tuscan black cabbage, dehydrated organic leek, dehydrated organic einkorn wheat. 

Dehydrated tomatoes: Dried tomatoes are perfect for flavoring sauces, for garnishing pizzas, focaccias and enriching salads. They're also great for making sun-dried tomato pesto. Processed as soon as they are harvested. 30 g of dehydrated product corresponds to about 500 g of fresh, washed and clean product. Only Italian organic tomato, tasty and fragrant like the fresh one with the advantage of being ready to use. Without salt, without preservatives, without additives. The best selection of our sun-ripened and low-temperature dehydrated organic tomatoes. Without salt and without preservatives. Processed and packaged directly by us, they are suitable for raw and vegetarian diets. Practical "open and close" packaging. Ingredients: Dehydrated organic tomatoes

organic-risotto-spelt-soup-and-tomato-8-packs-box-malbosca-italy organic-risotto-spelt-soup-and-tomato-8-packs-box-malbosca-italy organic-risotto-spelt-soup-and-tomato-8-packs-box-malbosca-italy organic-risotto-spelt-soup-and-tomato-8-packs-box-malbosca-italy organic-risotto-spelt-soup-and-tomato-8-packs-box-malbosca-italy
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